Yarn Tassel Ghost Garland Need Full Creativity

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I am a busy mother, so I love all things in all categories. When it comes to Halloween decoration, I’m usually always on the soft side of goosebumps rather than goosebumps. So I wanted to make a fun garland to hang that my little one would love too, and a simple pompom ghost garland was the first thing that came to mind! It’s easy to do while you’re watching TV or listening to a podcast, and it’s so simple that little ones can help, too.


white Wire
-small Piece of Cardboard
– Punch
– Black paper
– Glue
– little google eyes
scissors fabric

First, you want to cut a piece of old cardboard to 4″ x 6″. Wrap your thread around your piece of cardboard 15-20 times and cut your thread so that it hangs on the bottom of your cardboard.

Cut a piece of wire about 8″ long and thread it under the strands on top of your cardboard. This is a great place to stay.

Slide the piece of cardboard and cut another strand of wire about 10″ long. Tie this strand around your bundle of wire about 2″ up and down to create your ghost head. The staff was very friendly and helpful. With your scissors, cut the curls at the bottom of your hair and cut the strands that are too long so that they are all even.

Once you are done, you can drill a few holes in the Black Paper for the mouths, and then glue it with your eyes to complete the face. Use the tie on the heads of the spirit to tie your spirits to a longer piece of wire to create your garland, and pin the ends of the tie through the tie so that it becomes a part of the spirit body.

Hang your garland and get ready for Halloween!

I love the sweetness of these spirits and they look super cute with my spirit print. Halloween will be a little different this year, but I’m still happy that we can do some fun things to bring a little happiness into our space and at least dream a little candy. Decorate happy! xo. Laura

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