Snow Globe Photo Card Designing Ideas

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Ahhh, holiday cards… what’s more fun to receive in the mail than that?! Maybe only a big giveaway?! For this post, we’re partnering with Canon USA and have a prize pack you don’t want to miss! Full details are below, but one lucky reader will win a PIXMA TS9521C (our go-to crafting printer!), an iPad and an IVY CLIQ + 2! (Giveaway Closed)

I do a little December photo book each year to remember the season, and I always put all the holiday cards we got that year in the back pocket and it’s so fun to keep them and look back at how friends and family have grown over the years. So special! This year, I thought I would make some special Snow globe photo cards to add a handmade touch, and it’s got an interactive element for the receiver as well, which is always fun. We love working with our Canon printer to make the “printing at home” element easy so you can create your own cards from the comfort of your living room! Or dining room, or wherever you craft … you get the idea! The great thing about this printer is the ability to print up to 12×12 (which is a great option for crafting) and the strong colors Canon printers are capable of capturing.


– printer
– photo paper
– snow globe model
– stock cards in the color of your choice for the body of the card
– glitter paper or other paper for base of snow globe
– white card stock for ring around globe
– loose sequins
– transparent plastic film (can be some from left over packaging or use transparency sheets)
– Glue Gun
– scissors or X-Acto knife
– double-sided foam tape (or foam squares)
– snowflake stickers

Print out your photos and snow globe template for your cards. I resized my photos so that they would be the right size to fit into the 3″ wide circle of the snow globe and put several on a page so I could print a lot at once.

Once you have your photos and template printed, use the photo template circle to trace circles around your photos (center yourself in the middle of the circle) and cut out your photos into circles.

Fold your card stock in half and place your card template on the seam so you end up with a folded 5″ x 7″ card. Cut out your plastic circle and glue it onto the backside of your snow globe window (I love to use X-Acto knives for cuts like that), and cut out your plastic circle and glue it onto the backside of your snow globe window.

Cut out and place thin strips of foam all around the outside of the near circle in enough so that the sequins can not escape (love those pink scissors!). The foam tape will give a little bit of space between the plastic and the photo so that there’s room for the sequins to move around. In the middle of the circle, and place your cut photo face down and centered so that you will see it through the plastic on the other side once you flip the card over.

Now that you can see your photo and sequins from the front, glue on your white ring and glitter base for your snow globe, add some snowflakes, and you’re ready to sign and send your card!

I love him!! So festive and I love that I could print my own photos for it all at home. The sequins really do move around as you shake the card so I can totally imagine that this will be a big hit with any kids that receive one of these guys. I think this is the perfect way to put a little DIY spin on the old classic holiday card and a really fun activity to do at home with kids (just swap out hot glue gun for glue stick). Hope you have fun making some this year too!

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