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I’m so excited to share today’s post! Our mother had an advent calendar when we were little (with one candy a day) and it’s a sweet and special holiday memory for me. I knew I wanted to make an advent of the New second first Christmas (last year I came home from China, the week before Christmas and she doesn’t remember it, so we call it her second first Christmas — kind of fun to do again!). Whatever! I knew I wanted to make something that could be stored for a long time and used every year. So I was okay with spending a lot of time and working on it.

I spent way too much time scrolling through ideas on Pinterest (so much fun!) and I felt attracted to socks. So I made my own set with my favorite colors and lots of unfinished wood, which is a current design passion for me.

I had so much fun working on it. This could totally be done in a weekend, but I spent about a week there as I am a LOT distracted.

Let’s talk about the stages of DIY. This is the E-As-Y. There is nothing you can not only see the photos, but I will still explain all the steps in matter you are curious to know exactly how I did it.

1. First, cut 24 middle directions. I especially felt that I already had, therefore, a mixture between high and low quality (and I agree with that!). I made some patterns to fill out the forms and used them to cut all the socks. I don’t want mine to have exactly the same shapes and sizes, but you can do it, if you want a more unified look.

Then embellish each half at the top with hand embroidery and/or pick up things on the socks.

2. Machine sew or hand sew each half. Then add a loop to the top of each half with felt or threads (something to hang them).

3. Paint small white wooden stars and drill or drill holes. Use a buffer set to add the numbers from one to 24.

4. Add the stars to the socks with a chain.

5. Use wooden sticks, wire and wooden beads to make the suspension structure. You can see below that my socks are permanently attached to the rods, but you can tie them in your corner, if you want to be able to remove them every day.

Bonus step: After I finished, I wanted to add a little more detail, so I hung a group of the largest wooden stars on the spikes.

6. Fill your stockings with candy, little toys, and notes with fun activities, like movies to watch, crafts to make, or special places you’ll go every day.

MY HEART!!!!!!! I had so much fun working on it and am so excited for December 1st, so the New one can start to prove it!

I hope some of you will do this project this year and in the years to come. I would like to see your version in the colors you choose. If you don’t have time to create your own this year, there are lots of cute felt calendars or you can just buy the mini middle part and go from there to save some time, but you still need homemade items on it. We’ve also created a few Advent calendars over the years here on the blog to see if any of them look perfect to you!

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