Floral Sugar Scrub Is Easy To Make

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Sugar scrubs are my favorite and easy skin care at home, because apart from making my skin soft and smooth, it only takes a few minutes to prepare it. You may even already have the ingredients: sugar and a nourishing carrier oil, as well as extras such as essential oils or petals that make the scrub very luxurious. I used rose and marigold flowers in this scrub-they smell amazing and I love how they look like flower confetti!


-1 cup superfine powdered sugar (I find it a bit softer on the skin, but any granulated sugar will work)
– Rosehip oil (jojoba oil or almond oil also work well)
-1/ 4 cup dried rose petals and marigold flowers, stems and leaves removed
– a jar or other container with a lid

Clean your container with soap and water, then make sure it is completely dry before adding the sugar (this will prevent bacteria from escaping so that the scrub lasts longer!). Add a few oil-filled pipettes and stir in. Add a little more at a time until the sugar looks like wet and fluffy sand. I have used rosehip oil because it is super moisturizing and is also said to even out the complexion and improve texture, but any face oil works well.

I ground a small handful of petals in a food processor until they are very thin, but you can also chop them by hand. Add them to the sugar mixture and you’re done!I notice that when I gently rinse the scrub from my face, some of the oil remains, so that in one step my face becomes radiant and moisturized. And it smells so good ! Peeling will last for several weeks if stored in a cool dark place. I hope you enjoy yourself with this scrub, or a friend who could use a little body care! J

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