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This year we have created a Christmas tree with the theme of food. It’s super easy to find beautiful food-themed ornaments, but the only food ornament I really wanted and couldn’t find was a boba tea. So I decided to make my own DIY version!

I began to buy these sweets, the packaging of which I used to make the boba mugs. They are perfect because they are basically a small cup of boba. You can also use them to create a frappuccino ornament, or maybe a slushee. Anyway, reusing the packaging is one of my favorite ways to DIY and make crafts. As soon as I saw the little cups, I knew it was fate.

Step 1: Paint the inside of the cup. This is the longest part. First I made a layer of glitter paint in circles inside the cup (which would become my Boba beads). After it completely dried, I made two layers of dark red dots on the sequins. After it was completely dry, I painted the inside in pink and took the line to about 3/4 (so it seems that the glass is mainly, but not completely full). This part has taken several layers and it is important to let it dry completely before applying the next layer.

Then you need to find small wooden dowels that fit into the straw hole (I used them). Another option would be to make a new straw with rolled paper. I used the dowels, so I added glue to fix them in the dowel, and then let them dry completely. Mine remained perfect. He may not even have needed glue, but it will certainly help to keep the dowels in place when it’s time to pack the ornaments for the year.

To add my string, I used a needle to sew the string into the lid. It was very simple – I used only an embroidery needle and thread.

Let me know if you need more information in the comments. I had so much fun making them, and when you do, you use a lot of colors. I made everything pink to realize the next day that I should have used different flavors.

Here are some more photos of my finished ornaments.

This ornament would be so cute next to THIS DIY Mini Art Easel ornament. If you do this or holiday articles from our blog, please tag us on Instagram so we can see! We love to see your plans! xx. Ellie

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